Where to buy flying fish roe in Melbourne, UK, Manila, Toronto, Philippines, Ontario, Ottawa, Pakistan, Atlanta, Australia, Sydney, Hong Kong, Japan, London, Vancouver?

If you can not find flying fish roe in those countries and cities then you can visit online market place that sell tobiko. One region in Indonesia where you can see the abundant flying fish row is in Galesong South Sulawesi. Most of the traditional sailor here in this region bring flying fish roe fresh  from the sea and sell it to the local buyer with cheap price.

Where To Buy Flying Fish Roe

Flying Fish Roe 2

Flying Fish Roe 3

Flying Fish Roe 4

If you want to buy directly from the traditional sailors, you must have local people to help you and also you must have storage there.

It is easier if you buy from the local buyer, they have four tipe of flying fish roe to sell. The first picture is flying fish roe that ready to export and the last picture is fresh flying fish roe from the traditional sailors.

Indonesia is a maritime country with thousands of island. Most of Indonesian ocean is still uncontaminated by industrial waste, has the world’s best coral and marine products are healthy and fresh.

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Galesong South Sulawesi Indonesia is

where to buy flying fish roe.