Surfing Lessons Bali Legian

Surfing Lessons Bali Legian. Surfing Lesson Discount Voucher For 1 Hour + Sun Beds 2 Hours for 1 person.

Vouchers can be redeemed at Chandra’s Surfing Bali is located in Legian Beach (located between Jalan Padma and Jl Melasti Beach). Surfing Lessons package including the provision of instruction / theory for 15 minutes, then proceed with the direct practice of surfing in the ocean. Very suitable for the beginner / novice who has never tried surfing before. To rent a surf board package, can use surfboard board of Chandra’s Surfing. For packages with photography, will get a file photo documentation while in Chandra’s Surfing. Packages Sun Beds, be able to use Sun Bed of Chandra’s Surfing.

Please bring your voucher at the time will be used. * The minimum reservation 7 days prior to the use of a voucher via email: or


Surfing Lessons Bali Legian.

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