Simple Japanese Okonomiyaki Recipe

Japanese Okonomiyaki Recipe

Japanese Okonomiyaki RecipeOkonomiyaki or japanese pancake is one of my favourite japanese dish. It can be a sweet savoury taste with the adding of mayonaise and the sauce. Original okonomiyaki made from seafood pieces ( squid, prawn, or etc) mixed with egg, cabbage, spring onion, dashi stock and flour. I made some experiment to make okonomiyaki without flour but i replace it with instant noodle and because im kinda allegic to seafood so ireplace it with chicken . Its so easy to make, u can try to make it as a snack during your free time. So check the recipe

Ingredients :

1 pack or 100gr of instant noodle ( I use Indomie Fried noodle)

100 gr cabbage, chopped it into small pieces

50 gr ground chicken

1 tablespoon dashi or u can use chicken stock powder

2 eggs

1 tablespoon soysauce

1 spring onion (or u can add more onion if u like)

Sauce :

1 tablespoon soysauce

1 teaspoon oyster sauce

1 teaspoon teriyaki sauce

How to make :

Boil the noodle and cook it, drain after the noodle cooked

Beat the eggs into a bowl and mixed it with noodle. cabbage, dashi, chicken, spring onion and you can also add some chilli powder or the seasoning in instant noodle but make sure you dont put it too much because it will make your okonomiyaki taste salty. Stir all of ingredients in bowl

Heat a pan and pur a table spoon of oil on it then pour the okonomiyaki dough on pan

Cook with medium heat and after some minutes flip the okonomiyaki back so it will cooked on both sides.

How to make sauce ;

Mix soy sauce, oyster sauce and teriyaki sauce in pan and cook it for a minute just.

Once your okonomiyaki done, put on plate and topped it with mayonaise and sauce, (u can buy it on store or made it by yourself)

If you have katsuobushi or bonito flakes (dried tuna flakes) you can also spread it on your okonomiyaki.

Its easy ryt? Go try it and enjoy

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by : anggi.rosalia

Japanese Okonomiyaki Recipe.