Makassar Indonesia Tourist Attractions

Makassar Indonesia tourist attractions

On this page I would recommend Makassar Indonesia tourist attractions especially for foreign tourists. Here are some tourist attractions located in the city of Makassar and others are located around Makassar :

#1. Paotere Harbour. This is a port that has a prior history of Indonesian independence. This is the traditional harbour filled with large size Phinisi ship made of wood. Phinisi is one of the historical and cultural heritage for Makassar. Fish auction located in this port also provides a view of a wide range of marine products ranging from fish, shrimp, crab, squid, mussels and others as well as offering its own experience in shopping for sea products at bargain prices. At the location of this port there is also a famous restaurant seafood called Rumah Makan Paotere. If you want to know what the Phinisi ship look like, just do image googling and type phinisi ship. So Paotere is one of historical Makassar Indonesia tourist attractions.

#2. Benteng Rotherdam (Rotherdam Fort). Fort Rotherdam formerly named Fort Ujung Pandang which is the headquarters of Gowa kingdom troops, was built by the king of Gowa 9th at about the 15th century’s. Fort Ujung Pandang then began to change its name to Fort Rotterdam when it was conquered by the Dutch. The name Fort Rotterdam is taken from the name of one of the Netherlands leaders in Makassar at that time. Fort Rotterdam later became a known name until today. Fort Rotherdam is also one of historical Makassar Indonesia tourist attractions.

Tourist Attractions Around Makassar

There are still some other tourist attractions in Makassar besides two mentioned above, such as Pantai Losari, Somba Opu shopping center, small islands, Wisata Pantai Galesong (coastal tourism Galesong) and others. And Here are some tourist attractions around Makassar :

#3. Bili Bili Resort. This place has a great view of exotic hills in the middle of extremely large dam. To go to the dam, you will travel a distance of approximately 30 kilo meters to the east from the city of Makassar. This place is also usually used as a destination for bikers. The paths from Makassar to the Bili-Bili quite challenging for the bikers because the shape of the roads up and down and also interesting because there is a beautiful view on halfway.

When you’ve entered the Bili Bili village and saw the dam gate then soon you will see another gate again (the gate to enter the center area of traditional and opened restaurant) on the right path when you’re on the direction from Makassar. About 20 meters from the gate, you will find some lesehan (traditional restaurant with no chairs, so you must sit down on the floor to enjoy the food). The kind of food you can see the video is rice and vegetables and baked or fried nila fish, fish from the dam. If you like fishing, Bili Bili dam can be used as a spot for fishing.

#4. Malino Mountain With Tea Garden. For those of you who love the mountains and all the good given by the nature of mountains such as the cool and fresh air, fresh, clean and healthy mountain water, the stunning green landscape, fruit and fresh vegetables, warm fresh cow milk and others then traveling to mountainous areas is the choice and Malino Mountain is one of the sights that you can visit when you are in Makassar.

To get to the natural attractions of Makassar in South Sulawesi Malino mountain takes approximately 2 hours by car. For those who love speed, travel time can be shortened to 1.5 hours. When you’ve entered the town of Malino Malino and down the main road, you will see some guesthouses, inns, hotels and villas that line the edge of the road. But Villa was not only encountered around the main street but spread throughout the region Malino where the distance from the main road can be up to several kilometers. Villas in Malino we have ever been staying are Villa Ariandi near the tea garden, a villa near Malino Highlands, Blue Valley Villa, Villa near Pine Forest, Villa near water fall Thousand Stairs water fallo and a villa on the road to Takapala water fall.

#5. Bira Beach Bulukumba. The most beautiful white sand beach i’ve ever seen is here in Bira Beach Bulukumba South Sulawesi Indonesia. The sea water is also clear and the beautiful coral reefs at bottom, so that it becomes a paradise for those who like swimming, snorkeling and fishing.

I do not know for sure the distance from Makassar to Tanjung Bira but the time needed to Tanjung Bira from Makassar approximately 4 hours by private car. From Makassar you will pass Gowa district and then pass the next districts called Takalar – Jeneponto district the Bantaeng distric and after that you will enter Bulukumba. From the city of Bulukumba to Tanjung Bira Resort takes about 30 minutes.

There are several transportation options to Tanjung Bira, one of them is rental cars. Hiring a rental car will be greater certainty for comfort and freedom on the way to Tanjung Bira Beach and on the way back home to Makassar. Rental car rates from Makassar to Tanjung Bira approximately IDR 350,000 per day (not including fuel consumption and driver).

Any plans for the honeymoon? Tanjung Bira could be one option. Besides the beautiful beach of Tanjung Bira, there are also several hotels that can spoil you both in your honeymoon. So many views that you can get to capture the happy moments and romantic with your partner.

In addition to the white sand and the clear sea water sparkling like pearls, the beauty of the coral on the sea floor, hiring a boat to a small island, the cool sea breeze in the morning, you can also visit a shipbuilding Phinisi famous throughout the world.

In the rainy season it would be blowing sea breeze and the sea waves rising. During the rainy season it is not good enough to visit any beach because the conditions will be almost the same. So the best time is during the summer. It was very hot during the day at the beach but we can choose the morning at sunrise to enjoy all the beauty of Tanjung Bira as well as in the afternoon. Meanwhile, during the day we can rest at the inn especially if the inn is the best hotel in Tanjung Bira.

Makassar Indonesia tourist attractions.