Cheap Car Rental With Driver In Makassar South Sulawesi

Cheap Car Rental With Driver In Makassar South Sulawesi

Cheap_car_rental_with_driver_in_Makassar_South_Sulawesi_graphic-1For those of you who come from out of town for business in Makassar and need a car to pick you up and take you to your next destination, car rental service providers like this one can help you. Or for those of you who live in Makassar and surrounding areas are difficult to get a taxi then the rental car is one solution to take you to the airport.

Car Rental City Tour Makassar | Car Rental Makassar TourismMakassar has so many interesting sights to visit. For those of you who need a vehicle to get around Makassar enjoy some existing facilities, you can use a car rental service to take you to the city tour.

Makassar Car Rental to Tanjung Bira BulukumbaOne of the popular tourist destinations in South Sulawesi is Tanjung Bira in the area of Bulukumba, which is the expanse of white sand, exotic coral underwater scenery and Phinisi shipbuilding. Traveling to Tanjung Bira Bulukumba by car rental service is one of the practical, efficient and definite solutions due to the lack of public transportation to the area.

Makassar Car Rental to Malino MountainTourist attractions around Makassar with the theme of the mountains is Malino Peak located in Gowa district. The distance from Makassar to Malino is about 2 hours drive by car. Some public transportation options to get there are taxis and rental cars. To enjoy the top of Malino with satisfaction, you must spend the night there, therefore using a private car or using a rental car is your transportation solution.
Makassar Car Rental to Bantimurung Maros.

Tourist attractions in Bantimurung Maros has its own distinctive features which are the attractions of waterfalls, butterfly kingdom, stalagmite and stalactite cave and the largest karst mountain Rammang Maros. About 1 hour drive from Makassar to this destination by car and about IDR 450.000,- to IDR 500.000,- (about USD 50) to rent a car with driver to take you, wait for you and pick you to go back to your hotel in Makassar city.

Makassar Car Rental to TorajaTourist attractions Tana Toraja not only famous in Sulawesi or Indonesia alone, even famous to foreign countries. Every year passengers aboard cruises from abroad that stop at anchor at some sea ports in South Sulawesi visit Tana Toraja to see the charm and uniqueness possessed by culture and custom in Tana Toraja.

The distance from Makassar to Toraja approximately 8 hours drive by car. Therefore the convenience when on the way is needed. You can use a car rental service to drive you to Tana Toraja with the convenience of traveling.

Get a car rental service in Makassar that is cheap with good service, and a tour guide contact :  +6282344613539 (whatsapp).

Cheap car rental with driver in Makassar South Sulawesi to Rammang Maros South Sulawesi

Rammang Maros South Sulawesi. Enjoy the amazing scenery of Rammang Rammang, a village in the middle of the largest karst mountain in the world.

rammang_maros_south_sulawesi_image-2If you want to enjoy a wonderful views of Karst mountains, there are at least three places in three countries you can visit : one of them is Rammang Rammang – Maros City – South Sulawesi – Indonesia.

The picture below is an early sight that is in a dock where the tourists will take a boat from here to down the river to the remote and exotic village Rammang-Rammang.

The red circle in the picture above is an intersection, here we face two options to go to Rammang. The first option is a road to the second dock (pink circle). The second Dock is very close to the location of Rammang (yellow circle). The second option is through the first dock then down the river by boat towards Rammang.

Along the way to Rammang Rammang, crossing the river by boat, our eyes will be spoiled by beautiful natural scenery, besides the stretch of palm trees on the left and right side of the river Puthe, we will also see amazing karst cliffs, black monkey on the cliff and wild belibis also sometimes we can meet all the way.

After almost thirty minutes down the Puthe River, past the coral cliffs, looking at the Karst towers, we’ll see the words “Welcome to Berau Village” written on the Berau Village marker board. Which means we have arrived at rammang rammang Berau village.

The village provides views of vast expanses of green rice fields, neat traditional stage houses, cows amid prairies, karst cliffs, angel lake and caves.

How to get to Rammang Rammang- Maros – South Sulawesi

Before going to Rammang Rammang, you who come from out of town or abroad need to find lodging or hotel in Makassar (Ujung Pandang) city. There are many choices of hotels, based on location and based on price. There are also several transportation options to Rammang Rammang.

Cheap Hotels In Makassar City

Red Planet Hotel – City View – Start From IDR 224.000 (about USD 22,4)

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Losari Beach Inn – Sea View – Start From IDR 200.000 (about USD 20 )

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Choice Of Transportation From Makassar To Rammang

Here are some transportation options that you can use to get to Rammang from your hotel : Hotel Rent Car (with driver), Grab Car (with driver), Rent Motor Bike (with rider).

A hotel car rental rate of  IDR 600,000.- (USD 60) to pick you up from the hotel at 8 or 9 am and then take you to the Rammang location (first dock – blue circle or second dock  – pink circle) and wait for you to finish your tour in Rammang and take you back to the hotel in the afternoon or late afternoon. (If you want to rent another car with driver for IDR 500,000.- contact me via whatsapp +6282344613539).

Grab car is one of the transportation options you can use to pick you up at the hotel and drive you to Rammang but they will not wait for you so you have to find another transportation to go back to the hotel. In the Rammang area you will find it difficult to get transportation to take you to the hotel if you did not arrange it before. I can pick you up on a motorbike and drive you to the hotel for only IDR 150,000 per motor bike (contact me via whatsapp +6282344613539). One way grab car rate is around IDR 100,000.- You can use the grab car by installing the Grab app on your smartphone.

Cheap car rental with driver in Makassar South Sulawesi

Tourist attractions in Makassar are interesting to visit can be grouped into several groups based on the theme or background of the tourist attractions, such as beach themed attractions, island themed attractions, historical themed attractions, garden themed attractions, shopping themed attractions, places culinary-themed tours and some other tourist themes.

Tourism objects in Makassar with beach-themed surroundings include Losari Beach, small islands and Paotere Harbor.

Tourism objects in Makassar with island-themed surroundings include Kahyangan small Island, Lae Lae small Island, Samalona small Island, Kodingareng Keke small Island, Caddi Island small and several other small islands.
Tourist attractions in Makassar with historical themed surroundings are Rotterdam Fort (Rotterdam Fort), Tomb of Sultan Hasanuddin, Balla Lompoa Traditional House, Paotere Harbor and several other historical places.
Tourist attractions in Makassar with garden-themed surroundings include Garden Tours in Gowa District, Tea Garden Tour – Strawberry Garden – Waterfall – Pine Forest in Malino (about 1.5 hours from Makassar).
Tourist attractions in Makassar with shopping-themed surroundings are Trans Studio Tanjung Bunga Mall and Theme Park (has beach, sea and island view), Somba Opu Shopping Center, Butung Traditional Market, GTC Tanjung Bunga Mall Makassar (has beach, islands and lakes), Mall Ratu Indah and Mall Panakkukang.
Tourist attractions in Makassar with culinary-themed surroundings are Telaga Barombong Resto And Fishing, Lakeside Restaurant Mall GTC Tanjung Bunga Makassar, Lesehan Bili-Bili (has a view of Bili-Bili Dam), Kampoeng Popsa (has a sea view), Seafood Center Jalan Lamadukelleng.
Makassar traditional culinary such as Coto Makassar on Jalan Nusantara, Gagak Road and in some other places, Pallubasa on Jalan Srigala and Onta Lama Street and in some other places and Konro at Jalan Gunung Lompobattang and at some other place.

Cheap car rental with driver in Makassar To Tanjung Bira Bulukumba South Sulawesi

Tanjung Bira South Sulawesi Indonesia. If you visit South Sulawesi Indonesia, unfortunately if you do not come to Tanjung Bira. What can be enjoyed In Tanjung Bira Beach?

White sandy beach, One of the best spots for diving and snorkeling. The place of Phinisi manufacture – a giant ship made of wood
To enjoy Cape Bira Beach at least you need 2 days one night. Travel from your hotel in Makassar city to Cape Bira takes about 4 hours. So if you leave at 9 am then you will arrive at around 1 pm. And you need a rental car to come here. Car rental driver will take you, await you and drive you back to your hotel in Makassar city. For cheap car rental, call  +6282344613539 (whatsapp). If you need some one to guide you, also contact the number.
When you arrive at Cape Bira area, you need an inn. I can refer to a simple inn that is cheap and located on the hill so you can enjoy the wider view from this inn. It is Sun Shin Guest House. A BACKPACKER FRIENDLY GUESTHOUSE WITH 8 ROOMS IN A TRADITIONAL BUGIS STYLE WOODEN HOUSE.POSSIBLY THE BEST OCEAN AND SUNSET VIEWS IN BIRA.
In an elevated position on the bluff this guest house offer you panoramic views of the ocean and surroundings. (great for sunsets also). A total of 8 rooms with 2 communal bathrooms(with hot water) and a large ocean facing balcony on the upper level. Outdoor eating and relaxing area….including a pool table…on the ground floor. A beautiful spot to sit and have breakfast and later have a cold drink and watch the sunset over the ocean.
For bookings e-mail : or call : (+62) 821 909 311 75. Or visit


Cheap Car Rental With Driver In Makassar South Sulawesi